S.C.A. Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Statistics of deaths per year, due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest


In Europe, every year hundreds of thousands of people killed and the cause is essentially the late arrival of the rescue.


Would be 500,000 (source ERC) people who die each year in Europe because of the "sudden death". Of these approximately 100,000 refer to Germany, 95,000 to England, 6000 in Ireland and Italy are about 63,000 people who die each year from this cause.In Italy, for example, would be about 160 deaths per day, one every nine minutes, as if every day in Italy, fell to an airliner. The statistic says that it is superior to all cancer deaths, and accounts for 10% of all deaths and 1 ‰ of incidence on the population.


We also know that sudden cardiac arrest for about a third of cases occur in people very healthy and no risk factors and that at some point the heart goes into ventricular fibrillation, which is the most serious form of arrhythmia. It seems that the responsibility for this arrhythmia is due to a defect in the "general failure" (published by Science Daily news and research of the Deutsches Aerzteblatt International) for which there would be no prejudice. But for those who suffer from cardio circulatory problems, prevention is based primarily in the elimination of all risk factors that can lead to infarction and / or stroke. Clearly this is not enough because it is an event where prevention is not enough.

So sad to reduce these numbers, it is worth "take up arms" to defend ourselves from the "enemy"?Yes, because for some years, is moving an army of people (doctors and nurses specialized and voluntary associations) that each day carry out campaigns on the arrest and sudden cardiac about the usefulness of the defibrillator.

Recall that the defibrillator is the only device able to revive a person suffering from "sudden cardiac arrest" and it can be used by lay people (non-health). We will see in this document how are organizing the nations, about  distribution of defibrillators. In some cases there're projects for to diffusion AED, as much as, in numerical terms, to the spread of fire extinguishers. Moreover, the use is authorized to everybody, without any authorization. By contrast, in Italy it is forbidden to those who do not have a "license" that you can have only paying and organizing courses without a clear communication and no contribution from the Govern. You can see a project that aims to create, in Italy, a dense network of defibrillators, to be placed outside the building, connected to the 118. This new technology can give a lot of advantages to achieve excellence in medical emergency and it reducing high mortality risk.


Above all it is important to know:

  1. Where are located Defibrillators,
  2. if they are in perfect working order,
  3. always available to the public 24 hours on 24, 365 days a year,
  4. know who are the rescuers,
  5. upon expiry of the license,
  6. and have a register with all the details of both the AED of rescuers.


All this also helps to better distribute the resources of the DAE because it is useless to have within 1 km 5 defibrillators and not have it available when needed. It can happen, too.But with our project this would never happen.





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